Review: Between the Devil and the Darkness by Lindy Spencer

I have had the pleasure of meeting and becoming friends with Lindy Spencer. She is a very talented author and a fantastically encouraging colleague! I read her first book The Boomerang Effect and loved it! (See my previous blog post of my review

Lindy ebook version by Lourdes

Lindy’s second book, Between the Devil and the Darkness certainly lived up to the high standard set by her debut novel. Here is my review of Between the Devil and the Darkness:

If you’re a fan of Stephen King, Alfred Hitchcock, The Twilight Zone, or anything else that makes you want to sleep with the lights on, Between the Devil and the Darkness is a MUST read! Lindy Spencer does an amazing job of weaving a compilation of tales that range from the bizarre to the downright creepy. Each story has a unique theme and storyline that keeps the book interesting and fast paced. This is another 5-star effort from a very talented author!!

I highly recommend you check out Lindy and both of her amazing books!!  Check out my post featuring Lindy here:


Book Review: The Boomerang Effect by Lindy Spencer

The Boomerang Effect by Lindy Spencer is a mind bending exploration of what can happen when Karma and vigilante justice collide.

It’s rare that people think about the ways in which their lives are interwoven with complete strangers and casual acquaintances, but Ms. Spencer brings this intricacy of everyday life and its consequences into the forefront of the reader’s mind. She is able to craft characters in such a way that the reader feels genuine emotion toward each one and is pulled completely into their world.

The perspective jumps around a lot to ensure that each character’s story is told in a manner that allows the reader to understand how they connect to each other, so I will caution readers to make sure they pay attention. However, I do not feel the changes in perspective were excessive or distracting. In fact, I felt this format added to the storyline as a whole.

If you’re a fan of mysteries, thrillers, or books that get into your head, you need to pick up a copy of The Boomerang Effect by Lindy Spencer. However, be warned… It may have you thinking about the connections you’ve made and the kind of Karma that may be making its way back to you…


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Book Review: It’s Not a Shoot, It’s Just a Rib by Timothy Snyder

Calling all wrestling fans! If you want to know about the behind the scenes world of the Indie Wrestling Federation business, this is a book you are going to want to read! Pull up a bar stool and poor a tall frosty one while you sit and let Conner Reese, a referee on the Indie Wrestling Circuit, tell you his colorful story. You’ll learn about the struggles and triumphs of a guy working his way up from the bottom of the indie circuit. He will give you an interesting behind the scenes peak of the business and give you a very real look at what it takes to make it in an industry that looks glamorous on the surface, but also has an ugly side.

This is Timothy’s first book and you can find it on Amazon. It’s Not a Shoot, It’s Just a Rib

Timothy is also working on his next book, The Order of The Ravens, The Prophecy Book I… Check him out on Facebook!