Did you miss me?…

Okay…it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted here (or done anything “authory” lately). Life, as it often does, took a few little twists and turns just about the time The Rose File was going live and I decided it was best to take a break for a bit. I can’t really complain about what’s been going on. I got a promotion at my “day job” in the fall and things got a bit hectic as a result. It’s a good thing I really do love my job otherwise the long days would have been unbearable!!

At any rate, I’ve settled into the new routine and now I can hear my muses calling to me again. I’m going to continue work on Reilly & Fisk books three and four in the coming weeks. Also, my eleven year old, super awesome nephew has proposed a joint venture so I may be trying my hand at a children’s book and I’m going to start a personal writing project (stay tuned for details).

Well…here we go again! Expect this blog to get active again as well as my Facebook page (www.facebook.com/ejrycer) and my Twitter account (@EJRycer) and enjoy the ride!!


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