A Teaser from The Genesis File

The Genesis File is a short story I wrote for a Writer’s Digest contest last year. The contest limited the entry to 4,000 words, but, since I didn’t place in the contest, I’ve decided to revise and expand it. I’m planning on releasing it as an ebook short story (or novella if it’s long enough) around the same time I publish The Marked File, my first full-length novel.

My main character in The Marked File, Detective Jess Reilly, is the subject of The Genesis File. This is her Genesis, so to speak. The Genesis File tells the story of a series of events that occurred during Jess Reilly’s senior year of high school. These events ultimately lead her down the path to becoming a Boston Homicide Detective and are alluded to in The Marked File.

I have been working on the re-write of The Genesis File and would like to share with you a portion the new opening scene. I hope you enjoy it!

She was found in the snowy field by a couple of cross country skiers. There was no question she was dead. Her legs were spread obscenely and her skirt was rucked up around her waist. The blood staining the front of her blouse spoke of a painful death. Despite the remoteness of the location, her panties were stuffed in her mouth to stifle her screams. Maryanne Porter looked up at Detective Frank Galvin through terrified eyes. It was that look alone that told him more about her final moments of life than anything else at the crime scene.

He took a deep breath to steady himself. As a ‘small town’ cop, he wasn’t accustomed to getting called to such brutal crime scenes. Detective Galvin also knew this was going to get sticky since the victim was the wife of prominent businessman and Chamber of Commerce Member, Thomas Porter. He had reported Maryanne missing a couple of days ago, but state law prevented the police from doing much of anything for forty-eight hours. Mrs. Porter was an adult and, under the law, was allowed to take off without a trace for a couple of days if she wanted to. Detective Galvin had been honestly surprised when he didn’t get a call from the Mayor’s Office requesting they forgo the forty-eight hour wait period. He had been convinced someone as connected as Mr. Porter would have tried to call in a favor.


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