The Marked File Blurb and Cover… Final Versions (I Hope)

There have been a couple versions of The Marked File’s cover and descriptive blurb, but I believe this is the final version of each of them…

In the middle of the night a happy, successful young man walks off his roof and plummets three stories into the alley below.

At first glance, his tragic death appears to be a suicide but Boston’s top murder cop, Detective Jess Reilly, isn’t buying it. She knows, sometimes, a murder can look a lot like a suicide. When a second body shows up it’s just too much of a coincidence for Reilly and her partner, Detective Greg Fisk, to ignore. In a strange case where nothing is as it seems, Reilly and Fisk must scrutinize everything… including a witness who seems entirely too interested in the investigation.

When the forensics lab makes a startling revelation about this elusive killer’s method, Reilly and Fisk must race to find him before he marks his next victim for death…

The Marked File 3


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