My Favorite Line from The Marked File

Without giving too much away about the central plot of The Marked File, I want to talk a little about my favorite line in the book so far. In fact, when I was writing the scene and this line came out onto the page, I actually had to pause for a bit to absorb it. The title of the book had always been related to the rather unique method of my murderer, but this scene suddenly gave the title an underlying meaning that I hadn’t even considered. It was a moment when I realized my lead character, Jess Reilly, had truly taken over and revealed to me a part of her that surprised me a little. I have been lucky to experience a few moments while writing The Marked File where, by some cosmic magic, my characters take on a life of their own and teach me things about themselves that even I couldn’t have imagined.

In the scene, Jess is reflecting on the events of a very intense evening. The case she has been working on has her over-tired, frustrated, and wrestling with some demons from her past. The killer she is chasing is just barely beyond her reach and she’s afraid that she won’t stop him/her before she ends up at another crime scene…

She realized she was absently running her fingers over the thin scar that ran from just below her left ear all the way to her collar bone. Would he look at that tattoo like a scar or would he be happy with it when this was all over? Either way, just like her scar, it would always be there. It was funny, she thought, how life has a way of marking you; of giving you permanent reminders of your past.

Here is the line from that brief paragraph that has stuck with me since I wrote it…

Gun, police badge and handcuffs




5 thoughts on “My Favorite Line from The Marked File

  1. Storm Chase says:

    It’s always nice when that happens. Unless she’s a mass murderer and she’s taking over you!

  2. Hahaha hate when the mass murderers take me over! Loved your post

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