Excerpt from The Rose File

Okay… As promised, here is the opening scene from The Rose File. This novel will be the follow up book to The Marked File. It is unedited and I welcome any feedback you guys have. Enjoy…

Detective Jess Reilly ducked under the yellow crime scene tape the responding officers had put up to mark the area around the body. The irony of a body being discovered in a cemetery was not lost on her as she scanned the Granary Burying Ground. She turned on her digital recorder and clipped the microphone to the lapel of her jacket. Her partner, the crime scene unit, and the M.E. were on the way, but right now it was just her and the dead. The body of a young man was laid out on his back in the area where two of the paths through the old cemetery crossed. He was barefoot and dressed in white linen pants and a white linen dress shirt. A single red rose lay on his chest under his neatly folded hands. Squatting, she used her flashlight to study the body and spoke into her recorder.

“Victim is male, Caucasian, light brown hair, estimated age early twenties. Cause of death is not apparent from the body’s current position although he appears to have beaten about the face. Ligature marks on the wrists and ankles suggest the victim was bound prior to death.”

Footsteps approaching from behind her caused her to look over her shoulder and see her partner walking up the path.

“Hey, Reilly. What do we have?” Fisk squatted next to her and surveyed the scene.

“Young male victim. Identity to be determined. We need to get some lights in here so Crime Scene can do a thorough search.” Jess’ espresso colored eyes swept the area in the dark. “We’ll have to make sure we instruct them to just be conscious of the historical significance of the site. Tell me what you see, Fisk.”

Greg took some time to move his flashlight over the body and surrounding area before answering. He knew she was testing him. “There are no obvious signs of COD.  Although the vic was beaten, rather savagely, I don’t see how that could have killed him. He was bound prior to death since the marks on his wrists and ankles indicate he struggled against his bindings. I don’t think he was killed here.”

“What makes you say that, Detective?”

“No blood, no obvious signs of a struggle, and the body just looks too… staged.”

The ghost of a grin briefly crossed Jess’ face. Fisk’s instincts and observational skills were constantly improving. She nodded her approval.

“I agree with your opinion that the murder didn’t take place here. The killer seems to be methodical.” She rose and circled the body, her eyes flat as she studied death. “As you said, the body seems staged. The all-white clothes are too clean to have been worn prior to death. There’s a contradiction between the savageness of the facial bruising and the almost reverent way the body is dressed and laid out. Fisk, get some photos of the body and the scene so the M.E.’s team can get to work when they arrive. I’m going to get a statement from the officer that discovered the body.”


2 thoughts on “Excerpt from The Rose File

  1. Makes me want to be able to read more.

  2. Great teaser! I’m in!

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