A Dive into the Sea

This is one of my favorite poems I have written. I wrote it in high school when a friend of mine challenged me to write a poem around a random song lyric that he chose. I entered it into a poetry contest and ended up winning the Editor’s Choice Award and getting it published in the compilation book put out by the company that ran the contest. 🙂

A Dive into the Sea

The cliffs, they rise above the surf,

I stand there on the edge.

Looking down upon the waves,

That crash below the ledge.

I see your face there in the foam,

Your smile calls to me.

Should I turn and walk away,

Or jump into the sea?

I look again just to be sure,

Your eyes inviting me.

A few steps back and then I run,

And fall toward the sea.

As I near the pounding waves,

Your face, it does dissolve.

Oh why was I so foolish?

A problem I can’t solve.

I took a dive into the sea,

Now I’m drowning…

Please someone rescue me.


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