A Dive into the Sea

This is one of my favorite poems I have written. I wrote it in high school when a friend of mine challenged me to write a poem around a random song lyric that he chose. I entered it into a poetry contest and ended up winning the Editor’s Choice Award and getting it published in the compilation book put out by the company that ran the contest. 🙂

A Dive into the Sea

The cliffs, they rise above the surf,

I stand there on the edge.

Looking down upon the waves,

That crash below the ledge.

I see your face there in the foam,

Your smile calls to me.

Should I turn and walk away,

Or jump into the sea?

I look again just to be sure,

Your eyes inviting me.

A few steps back and then I run,

And fall toward the sea.

As I near the pounding waves,

Your face, it does dissolve.

Oh why was I so foolish?

A problem I can’t solve.

I took a dive into the sea,

Now I’m drowning…

Please someone rescue me.


The Marked File – Cover Design

This is the cover design and teaser for my work in progress titled The Marked File. It will be the first full-length novel featuring Detectives Jess Reilly and Greg Fisk. The awesome cover was designed by my good friend, David Goodwin.

When is appears that young, bright Timothy Dunn committed suicide by jumping off of the roof of his three-story brownstone, Boston’s top murder cop, Detective Jess Reilly, just isn’t buying it. She knows sometimes a murder can look a lot like a suicide and when a second body shows up, two seemingly unrelated people’s apparent suicides turn out to be two strangely similar murders. It’s just too much of a coincidence for Reilly to ignore. Can she and her partner, Detective Greg Fisk, find the connection before a possible serial killer claims another victim?

The Marked File

Welcome to my Blog

Hello, Everyone!

I want to welcome you to my blog. Here you will find a little window into what’s going on inside my mind as I chase my dream of becoming a published author and beyond. I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts and excerpts from my writing. I am also interested in hearing your opinions of what I write and bouncing ideas off of all of you.

My writing mainly consists of crime dramas based on the cases of my two main characters, Boston Massachusetts Police Detective Jess Reilly and her partner Detective Greg Fisk. I have entered two short stories starring Reilly and Fisk into Writer’s Digest competitions and I am still eagerly awaiting the results (wish me luck!). I am also in the process of writing my first full-length novel featuring the two detectives. The book is called The Marked File. Please stay tuned for excerpts and the cover design (done by my good friend David).

You can also check me out on Facebook (www.facebook.com/ejrycer).

Thank you for stopping by and I hope to keep you amused and entertained!!

~ E.J.